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"Valuable Public Service Document"

The following Document- entitled "Certificate of Winning", has proven over the years to be invaluable insofar as maintaining and even enhancing Marital Harmony and PEACE.
If needed, once the sale in our store is completed AND PAID FOR in FULL. We will print this out and fill it in with the Customers name and detail. That way, when questioned about the new item that just came into the house, if it looks as though it will become an 'issue', merely whip out the certificate, and voila', peace and harmony will resound in the household.
As a public service, in our own little way, in the quest for WORLD PEACE, we are now offering this Bills Sporting Goods Genuine Internet Copy of our heretofore regionally famous " Certificate of Winning", to you at no charge. Even if you shop at another gun shop or one of those tacky chain stores.
Please feel free to use this. Please use only as needed.  And have fun while staying safe and sound.

Click here for Certificate