Horror From the Bench

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Needs Boresighting?

one of our nicest customers- a man who has advanced in years to the point where he needs a scope to more effectively hunt deer- came in one Saturday afternoon to have this boresighted. I bit my tongue a bit when soaking up the overall effect. The scope actually wobbled at least half an inch this way. I asked him about a second ring and he said that the other ring was missing a part so he'd put it together this way. I found some new rings (in pairs) and installed and boresighted. He did come back after season to tell me that 15 minutes into opening morn he had nailed a 4 pointer. Just remember that there is a reason that the Lord put rings in packages in twos. Just like the Arc.

Another Needs Boresighting

This fine feathered firearm was brought in by the customer who had called wondering if we coule boresight the gun while he waited. When he brought it in, I walked to the back and suddenly it dawned on me that there was something really wrong with this picture. I had Dan come back and immortalize the moment with the camera. Meanwhile tried to figure out a way to diplomatically approach the customer regarding the situation. His reply was that he had been in hurry and just put the scope on. So I did put it on other end forward. And it too seemed to work.

This gun came in for service ,primarily a sticking action. Believe it or not we took some different colored paint chips out of the action. If the owner of this gun should be reading this, please stop in the store since your award for the Ugliest gun/Camo Job of the year is waiting for you. 

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