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Candees’ Corner contains Used Guns that are a little or a lot unusual or rare

If the number is such that a letter is of value in identification- I will fiddle with the formula. Note that any and all guns are guaranteed to be as represented. Right now have not got the means to photo. Maybe this winter we will get that back up.

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Stk # 10028 High Standard Victor, 22 Semi auto Target Pistol.
Steel Ribs- Hamden Factory- w/weight- Original Box
Mfg. in 1976- 95% condition $990

Stk# 13759 Remington 241 Speedmaster 22 long rifle
Mfg in Dec. 1941 Very Nice $469

Stk# 10057 Winchester Model 61 Pump 22 Rifle
Mfg in 1946- Octagon 24 inch bbl- Single Cal Marked (LR)
95 % condition minimum $2840

Stk #10004 Marlin Ballard Single Shot Rifle
Caliber 40-63, #5 Pacific Model Serial # 76xx

Stk# 13575 -Winchester Model 97 - 12 gauge -32” bbl
Serial #4014xx $459

Stk # 13768 - Remington Model 29 pump 12 gauge.
30 Inch bbls with solid rib- about 75 % Full Choke $295

Stk# 13434 Winchester Model 1897 12 ga 30 inch full $485

Stk # C00026 Colt SAA, 45 Cal. 4 1/2 inch bbl Serial # 2648xx
This is an exceptionally nice gun mechanically and with an
perfect bore. No bluing but no pits and has some marks
here and there. This Pistol is an Early Smokeless era ,
2nd phase gun. made in 1905. Smooth wood grips (not original).
Has a nice leather holster and belt with the name HH Heiser as
Leathermaker. Has been in one family since 1946. $4475

#13403 Winchester Model 74 A series 22 semi auto
unusually pretty gun $295

#3 model 8’s all in a row- used to take these in trade 30 years ago and they would sit and sit until the week before deer season. then all of a sudden they would be gone to the guys and girls who didnt want any recoil. The Browning recoil operated system barrel within the barrel would just soak up the jump. If my memory serves- these as well as the 351 Winchesters were the Wall Gun of choice at prisons around the country.

#0021 Remington M 8 in 32 Rem cal $485

#0022 Remington M 8 in 30 Rem cal $485

#0023 Remington M 8 in 30 Rem cal w/tang peep #595

#13577 Winchester M100 - 308 Mfg 1964 very clean $589

#12221 Browning HiPower 9mm- the John Browning 150th anniversary Model


New -

#BPG COLT- Walker Revolver from Colt’s “resumption of production - New and
Unfired with original Box $945

#12836 Winchester Model 1887 Lever 12 gauge with 30 inch bbl. No# $999

Savage Time

#12937 Savage Model 99- 303 Savage caliber- Octagon BBl- very nice shape in every
- aspect Built in 1903 $999

#1020 Savage Model 99- 303 Savage caliber- round bbl- very nice ‘First year example

built in 1899 - has the bolt safety indicator- forearm is replaced $899

#13426 Savage Model 99 - 300 Savage caliber- another nice clean gun from

the 50’s - old steel weaver and pivot mounts- $585

RLK-6: Winchester model 74 22 long rifle 24 inch bbl. Made in 1950 295$

all the above guns are perfectly clean inside- mechanically sound- and in good shape overall. The previous owner is moving on to different guns of interest.

For the Stevens Madman or Madwoman

CCB1- Stevens Ranger Pump 12 gauge- Model 102.25 12 gauge 30 inch bbl with a solid rib. The Browning Humpback pump- nice gun $240

11346- Stevens 124C - 12 gauge- This is the straight pull bolt from 1951 with the BakeLite Walnut stock and forend. $225

C-GBWI- Drilling. Built by August Jung in Suhr Germany. 16 gauge barrels
atop a 7mm bbl. Very nice wood. Shell storage. Metal is engraved. Bores are all
perfect. Bluing and Wood both are in perfect condition. This gun we believe was
manufactured in the late 30’s. The only blemish on the gun is a crack in the
bone trigger guard. Bluing and wood are both original finish and again I emphasize,
it is all exceptional. $6990

11653- Winchester Model 1892 in 25-20 cal. Built in 1909 with a 24 inch bbl.
very nice condition with the honest wear of almost 100 years. $ 1275

gonna sign off for today December 14,2007


Gonna quit this for the day and go work the counter . Please stay tuned- remember that this little corner of the world exists to highlight guns that are beyond the norm. Whatever in the heck that is. Thanks for your patronage!


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