Issue #2 OF 2000

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    Ye olde second newsletter of the year all it's glory.  Here we go again with a second set of profound pages.  Besides the year shaping up with some weird weather, things seem to be even busier than last.

    We are finally getting caught up with many of the odds and ends that will better prepare us for the remainder of 2000.  We will try and touch upon as many topics as possible.


    Some of the earthshaking new stuff announced at the first of the year is beginning to show up.  What follows is a list of new arrivals, remember that these aren't plentiful yet.  So this means that if it isn't here today, at least it's been here.

Marlin 16" 44 Mag 336 Carbine
Remington Ideal 300 12 Gauge O/U
Franchi O/U Extra Barrels
Left hand Benelli 3in and 3.5in.
Marlin 450 Mag Lever
Savage Striker 22
Savage Striker 22 Mag
Henry Golden Boy
Browning Citori 1of 500
Remington 338 Ultra
454 Ruger Redhawk
Remington 870 Anniversary Trap
Ruger 77 VLE 308
Remington 1100 Classic Trap
Grizzly 50cal. BMG
Browning Citori 20XS Clay
Marlin 22 Mag Garden Shot
Beretta Silver Pigeon 20
Savage 22 Smoothbore
Beretta Onyx 20
Browning A-Bolt 22-250 V
Browning Gold Field Deluxe
Marlin 7000T RWB
Remington Special 10
Remington 11-96 12 Gauge
Remington Wingmaster Supermagnum
Browning A-Bolt 300 Kevlar
Beretta 391
Sako Deluxe

    And the list could go on but these are most of lots of others that are due soon.  We are still having fun trying to keep all of these straight.

    C'mon in and peruse!


    There are still a bunch of eager fish out there, the ones that DID NOT DROWN during those huge May storms.  And we have it from an impeccable source that the aforementioned fish will only bite on lures, line, rods and reels that come from Bill's.


    We are going to abbreviate this a little bit this issue, first to tell you we NEED your guns in trade, especially rifles, second, we will be posting used guns on our web site, but this will in no way replace theis illustrious newsletter.   


    This is our "department" that has all the gun accessory stuff in it.  We just got in some handgun range bags.  For $38 you get a black padded bag that holds a couple of handguns, magazines, odds'n ends plus a big side pocket with shoulder strap.  We are also thrilled to carry ACE cases.  These are bargain priced and are made from leftover auto upholstery material.  SO if you ever lust for a reminder of your YUGO or Plymouth Sport Fury, or K car, c'mon in and snap up one of these for your rifle or shotgun.


    We think this is huge; last year there were about a dozen t-zones, this year there are about 100.  And the other zones have huge numbers available.  The DNR wants to take some deer off the roads.  And the T-tags are coming automatically with your license.


    Since once again this olde' newsletter has gone out later, our humongo new rifle department will be in existence.  It is in existence.  It exists.  So can you possibly guess what we are doing?  YES, we are putting the contents on sale for you!  Nuff said.


    We knew we were in trouble last year when one of the three machines involved in issuing licenses stopped working.  When I called to ask the DNR to send someone out to service the problem, I was blithely told that they had no such person because "The Machines Never Break Down."  Anyway, we just got another piece of the trio replaced, and all in all the system has worked very well this year.  Still a few crunch times to get past, but knock on wood...When you come in for a tag, it's a little easier if you have the one from last year.  And having it means you don't have to give your social security number.  Prices are still the same.  You can however use charge cards this year though there is an extra fee for this per the state.


    This is going to be a segue column... As of this writing there has been no dicision insofar as dove hunting.  But sentiments at the meetings were 78% in favor of.  Here is the point, this seems like it will turn into a hunting right/privilege we will gain.  We keep being subjected to an erosion of rights and privileges as hunters, shooters and sportsmen and women.

    So here is a thought to peruse/pursue:  Instead of constantly being on the defensive, why aren't we as a group going on the offensive.  We must stop apologizing for our recreational pursuits, stop being defensive about our passions, stop having the attitude that "its only a mater of time before it's all over."  IT IS NOT!!!  It's our money that funds the DNR.  The wildlands and game programs WE paid for these.  The only subsidies were when the various game departments started programs and the end result was to gain revenue by providing another avenue for recreation.  There are a lot of us out here.  We do all that stuff the non hunters do, but sometimes we carry a bow or a gun to manage game.

    So, here is a question.  Have you written the DNR lately about what you want?  If you have to use somebody's form letter, fine, but just a short note would be even better.  Sign it with your name, phone and address.  Its the silent majority that can't be silent in this day and age.  You and I can not, and should not have our recreational future decided by the one out of 100 people that are anti everything.  But if these are the only ones writing letters, then guess what the "officials" think is public opinion???


    Yes, the olde boot and shoe department has gone through a lot of changes in the last year.  We have some really great boots and shoes for men and women.  Quality products that we discount twelve months a year.  We worry about boots that aren't what tey seem to be.  Boots that promise to last but don't.  We worry about boots that don't care about you.  Boots that you put faith into but they let you down.  We take care of them, but despite all our best efforts, turned out to be not real.  You can have faith in our boots. (Had to get a little Zen in here).


    Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen that the laws currently being proposed about trigger locks.  Gun companies have been including these for several years now.  Yet it is marked as breakthrough legislation.  Also, this Smith and Wesson thing you have read about- this is NOT law being passed by any branch of government, this is Company policy on the part of S&W.  What this is going to mean to us when it comes into effect remains to be seen.


    The week preceding Memorial Day, we unloaded 20 of these.  We still have about ten of them available for sale, and will place an order on July 1 for more.  Your chance to get what you want.  Or see what you have to have.  And the new models are easier to "customize."  Just what you want is a chopped and channeled and louvered gun safe, with a turbo.


    What I said about writing the DNR- goes doubly true here.  But since you recipients of this letter range over a 250 mile radius, we re not going to list your elected officials.  You gotta do that work, but all it takes is a postcard, letter, phone call, or email.


    We have been talking throughout about support and letter writing.  The NRA is one of the organizations that support our gun rights and privileges.  Membership is $35.00.  Send a check with your name/ address/ phone/ date of birth/ to: NRA-11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA. 22030.


    Sometimes its good to remember the basics, so to recap, if you are buying a rifle or shotgun, you must be over 18, with a valid photo ID and legally able to buy it.  Fill out the paperwork, we make a 2 minute phone call and off you go.  To buy a handgun, you must have the same ID, be over 21, wait 48 hours.  And THAT'S the name of that tune.


    The big news here is that these rangefinders keep coming out with more range choices, definitely to your benefit.  And the quality of scopes all up and down the price range keeps getting better.  Maybe this is an overgeneralization, but the sealing and mechanics of all are great.  The actual difference in costs is due to the quality of the class, often hard to see.  I think these companies saw that it takes as much to fix under warranty a $75 scope as it does a $400 one.  This means you get more choices and better prices.


    By the time you're reading this, you can come into our store and see our brand new black powder selection which is a part of our brand new rifle department.  This is the result of a lot of work, to better meet your needs.  You have to come in in July to see this.  We will even vacuum up the sawdust.


    Was reading through one of the many books that come in here every day.  And then we looked at the different guns lining the walls.  Do you have any idea how different guns lining the walls.  Do you have any idea how many different shooting sports and hunting venues these products represent??  I mean it is a huge number.  We have firearms that are used for hundreds of different forms of shooting sports, In the future letter we hope to find the ambition to list as many of these as we can find.  Perhaps you may discover something that is extra fulfilling.


    The biggest news here is that RCBS has embarked on a new campaign to broaden the number of reloaders reloading.  This means a lot of very good deals as well as clearer and better product mixes.  Next time you stop in you will be thrilled with what is available.  And, this is done with the intention of drawing more of you into the ranks of reloaders.  So any time you want a demo of what how why and whatever, just ask.


    Well, as of today, we have a new street in front of our store.  We have a rather new exterior.  And the inside of the place is way different.  If you haven't been here in a month you will be pleasantly surprised.  If you haven't been in the joint in a year and a half, you will be shocked, thrilled, amazed, taken aback,'s worth the trip.


    Browning guy called with some really wild special factory price reductions.  These include Citori over and under Satin 12 gauges.  Bt100 Satin Trap Guns.  Rolling Block Rifles, and the rally big one, the Pump Rifle.  We got a stack or two of these.

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