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Hello and Happy newsletter number THREE of 2003.....  We, for once, are somewhat on schedule for newsletters this year.  This one is due for midsummer. Would have made it as a Solstice” edition, but will work it as ’fire up for August issue. We are finally blessed here in Lomira with a complete Main Street. It’s still an adventure getting to town thru the Hwy 175 work. Seems the world is a little iffy about deer this year. That statement is based on license sales being a little off. But according to rifle sales, it’s going to be a huge year. Due to whatever reasons, availability of various firearms is very good. Still backlogs on certain models and new models are coming in slowly. But as of this writing needs are being met.

And this issue marks the milestone of One and a half ‘guest columnists’. Dave was sick but Huckee is in fine form.


Rebates and Rollbacks........  This section is going to be short and sweet. Please note that there are a HUGE number of rebates. Everybody seems to be doing it. They are too numerous to list here. And there are various dates. So what we have posted in the store, is a list of companies, products, amounts and dates. C’mon in and take a look and see if something you need has a bonus for you. Note too that we will tell you also. Our happiness comes from seeing you thrilled. No, we aren’t giving away Great America Tickets.


 And in the ‘. 17”column...    the world did not know it needed so many different kinds of 17 rim fire guns. But I think in this case we really do need one of these animals. And right now availability of all the various guns and ammunition is very good, Prices have even come down a little bit on many. BSA, the scope people, even have a nifty 3 x 12 scope named the Sweet 17. So have a little fun. Jump for something neat.

Black Powder Shootin......  Last year the belles of the ball were the NEF single shots, the T/C Encore and Omega. And sure as shooting there are some guns from others just like em. And in other powder news, first thing is that Hodgdons’ new Triple 7 powder is in a pellet form this year. And you users of ‘real’ Black Powder’ do not have to be specially licensed. A huge number of bullets available, especially in 50 Cal. C’mon, have fun, elongate your huntin seasons, smell like eggs.


Coyote and Fox Folk......  In the olden days, you chased Fox in winter and a Coyote was an unexpected pleasant bonus. Now its the other way round and the Coyote chasing is much more productive that Fox was.  It’s a combination of art, science, alchemy, and sheer luck. Just another way of having some fun.


Oshkosh Ducks Unlimited .... We will be up there again with the Fine Folks from Verona- PMC- Doctor- Para Ordnance and Springfield. Look for us at the big white red and black really sexy PMC truck. August 15, 16, 17th.


A piece of Huckees mind... I see that Charlton Heston rec’d. The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Congratulations! Too bad you could only find it on page 8B.

    How bout a cheer to the enlightened government of Florida. Concealed carry permits require: 1) Background Check 2) Fingerprint Card 3) Proof of residency in your state for 90 days. 4) Two passport pics 5) Fee of 117$ for 5 years. Lets hope the leaders of Wisconsin step up and prove that they trust us as much as we’re supposed to trust them.

    Another issue the American Rifleman is dealing with. CNN news staged a demo of pre-ban and post-ban guns. Cinderblocks and bulletproof vests were the targets. And staged this demo was. Sho nuff the pre ban stuff broke everything and the post-ban was harmless. Fact is that for the post-ban guns were fired into the ground in front of the target. Right.

    A closing thought for all you shooters frequenting various clubs. Take a minute to thank the folks at that club for all their hard work. Lots of effort to put on shoot or even open up for practice. A simple thanks makes it all worthwhile for these fine folk. Thanks for letting me vent- Dick


Hunting License News..  We were all shook up at the proposed new fees for 2004. Many folks felt that those rates we heard about would be in effect for this year. Well at writing the changes are going to be much more minimal than originally proposed.

    On a different front, the new license tags are NOT peel and stick. But they sure are a snappy bright yellow color. Still need night school to keep track of Deer Regs. The Rule book has been made into two this year. One for small game and one for big. And of course one for Migratory.

    And the winner of the prize for “Last Hunters Choice” purchased before deadline, Was Zach D. of Brownsville. 9 minutes to spare.Congrats Zach and your prize is a bound edition of the entire Bills’ Newsletters. 2nd place prize went to Harry K., also of Brownsville, and his price is two bound editions of all the Newsletters.


Gunsmithing Dept.........  We are pretty happy about this back room. We still have guns that take too long to get parts for. But between Dick, Al, and Richard, we have a very busy shop going on. And out goal is to get everything done as quickly as humanly possible 12 months of the year. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it but darn it we try. And with some of the new accouterments ( tools and geegaws) we are getting better work done. Thanks for your patronage.


DNR CALENDAR...........          

published data from the DNR.

Sept 1, Mourning Dove (really !)

Sept 2, Early Goose

Sept 13-Crow- North cottontail

Oct 11, Fall Turkey

Oct. 18,  Partridge and Quail &Peasant

Oct 18, Jackrabbit

Next newsletter will do this fully when all schedules are out.


Our Nominee for Father of the Year....  He and his wife came in last week, with the new 4 month old baby. And this proud young Dad announced that his Baby had a gun cabinet with two guns in it already. Room for more. He was going to make sure that when his daughter is old enough, she will have nice stuff. What a Mom and Dad!


Business Hours......

 Open 9 to 9 Mon to Friday

 9 to 5  on Saturday,

Closed Sundays and Holidays. 


 Firearms Laws.........The news coming out of Wisconsin (Madison), is that the concealed carry law is being carefully considered. A reminder, to anyone not following this, about what it means. It means that if this law passes, an individual would have the right to carry a concealed firearm IF,   IF they were properly qualified, trained and Licensed. There will be further restrictions on where and when. Keep in mind that over 40 states already have this going on. And they are still quite civilized. Actually, crime rates have gone down when this has gone into effect.


Internet....  We have a website for fun. and for use as a portal into some great places. And it carries our used gun list which we try and update every 4 to 6 weeks. Give us a visit, see if you have fun.  View our web site at:   or email us at: .


Optics...To include scopes- binocs- spotting scopes - and range finding units...  New, finally, is a binocular that is also a rangefinder. Bushnell and Leopold have these out for this year though they are still scarce. If the optics of the binocular are good enough, these will be a boon to mankind. If not, we may have to wait a year or so till they are.  Remember too, that when you want to compare a scope or binoc and see how it runs, come by when the light is terrible or fading fast. On a cloudless sunny day there isn't a bad scope to be found. But when the light gets leaky, that is where the rubber meets the road.


Reloading............   You can pursue reloading with two different mindsets. But it depends on what you’re reloading. Both types of loading require care with substances that can be dangerous, that's a given. The first type of loading is that which is concerned with volume of shell (or cartridge) production. This would generally be shot-shell target and pistol/revolver target loading. The second type of loading requires a great degree of precision. This would be rifle cartridge and some field shot-shell loading. Usually steel or buckshot loads.  The rifle loader has some basic precise actions that have to be taken to ensure a good product. A uniform product. And beyond that basic system, is an entire hornet’s nest of further actions that can be taken to further increase the uniformity of each cartridge. If any of these have appeal to you. Stop in and we will be happy to answer your questions.   Frankly it’s a lot of fun. And you can save a buck or two or four.


Gun Safes.......... We are keeping a lot of these on hand. Mainly the Browning, FN, and Morgan brands. Our last load of 14 safes, which arrived on an 80-degree day, had 8 of them got picked up within two days. Lots of choices insofar as size, color, front door artwork. And these can be had with various degrees of fire protection. The newest standard is 1500/30, meaning the contents will withstand 1500 degrees of exterior temp for 30 minutes. Many things we have could use this protection. And obviously the security issues as well.


Knives........  We are carrying a number of different brands. Our newest addition to the cutting board is Ruko, made in Spain. Really nice straight knives. And in response to your requests, we have added a number of different straight knives in addition to a ton of folding knives. Couple of years back it had gotten to where you could not find a non-folding knife anywhere.

Fishing Department..... We have grown this section by leaps and bounds this year. And with the added stuff has come neater stuff. We still can not believe how good the fishin rods are that are available. And reel reliability is great. And the fishin lures still catch as many fishermen as they do catch fish.

Crow Hunting..... The last pure true sport left in America. Two seasons per year. Generous bag limits. A worthy adversary. What more could you possibly want in a sport?

Boots..... Shoes...Hip Boots .. And it seems as though the excitement here is in 1000 gram, 1600 gram, and 2000 gram boots. Boots that cozy up to your tootsies like felt paks, but without the bulk and weight. And in lighter boots, some of these Browning and Georgia boots are real comfortable when you first put them on. Then when you start wearing them regularly they get better and better and better. We DO just HAPPEN to have some really nice discounts on all our boots by the way.  (Subtlety ain’t our strength.)

Hunters Safety...... Have to keep beating the drum here. The Hunters Safety Education system is the foundation for the future. These kids new to hunting are getting a terrific education. They are learning really good habits. And these kids are the enthusiastic future of hunting and shooting sports. And I have never heard of an adult who takes this class and doesn’t think it is great. And an atta boy to those wonderful folks who put so much effort into conducting these classes. 

 Gun Clubs...  Join one or 10. These memberships are absolute bargains. And just like the Hunters safety system, these are the foundation for the future. (and see ’Hucks’ new column for more input on this).

 Tech Tips..... Topic of the day is how to make any firearm generally shoot better. Check your trigger! If you don’t just happen to have a trigger pull gauge in the silverware drawer, come on in and see us. We can check your trigger in front of you in about 2 minutes and tell you where it is at and what your options are.

And our reminder for today class is to wipe off your Hoppes #9 solvent completely when you’re done cleaning your gun. We’re seeing another rash of yellow tinged metal where the solvent has varnished after being used as a wipe down agent.

  Daves Bowhuntin Corner .....  actually though Dave maybe should be kept in a corner, we keep he and his stuff in aisle two. Looking for a new Bow? or a tune-up on the old sliver slinger, let him put his magic touch on.

And our humble little archery range is open about 11 hours a day weekdays. Still signing up for various leagues. Tues and Thurs nights for bows. Monday for Crossbows, and just for fun we will be running a blowgun league on Wed.  Who says you can’t have fun in a long basement.

 Outdoor Wear Department ...  Just have to come up with a better name for this. ‘Sportswear’ sounds schnooky,  ‘Clothing’ sounds boring. Anyway, lots of new stuff, camo long sleeve T’s for well under 10 bucks in 4 patterns, And Sale tags on absolutely everything. And whenever we get to the last two or so items of something, it hits “ye olde clothesout rack”. Wow!!!!

 Last Round.... This newsletter goes out to our customer list. It hits practically every state not to mention a foreign country or two. Our list is 3 times larger than when we started 5 years ago with this. We use it to have fun, keep you informed and maybe a little entertained. And as a not so subtle hint to c’mon in and see us. If you are reading this and it’s not your newsletter, drop us a note, a call, or an email and we’ll add you to the roll. Thanks

And Thanks again......  Once again a sincere thanks from all of us to all of you, our very valuable customers. We are still having fun and hope you are two. Hope to see you grace our humble little place on the hill in the near future.

Ken. Joe, Olde Richard, Al. Older Dick, Kathy, Chris, Dave, and Litl Mikey



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