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Hello and Happy newsletter number FOUR of 2003.....  Just under the wire but its out in 03. Been a very busy year with lots of things putting us behind schedule. A lot of new products in the year past that actually showed up. And now we look toward 04 for the next chapter.


     NEW GUNS AND STUFF ON THE HORIZON……..  What would a new year be without the announcement of a new rifle caliber? Well folks, we won’t disappoint. We even have two! Winchester announced the NEW 25WSSM. A short mag caliber in 25 caliber.  And in what seems to be a joint development from RUGER and Hornady: the new 204 Ruger. Near as we can tell, this is a 223 casing necked down to 20 caliber. Goes 4200 feet a second. Ruger will have bolt and single shot rifles for this. Bullet weight is 30 grains. A center fire round. Might just be a lot of fun.

     And from Browning a new over under called the Cynergy. And you have to see it to grasp it. By the time your reading this we should have one to see.  They won’t be mixed up with anything else. Also a new rifle in the semi auto mode called the Longtrak and Shortrack, again from Browning.  It does not replace the B.A.R. It is intended to be a lighter rifle.

     Benelli is on the cutting edge with their group of companies. The R-1 semi auto rifle is a graceful work of art and is finally on the shelves. The Super Black Eagle Shotgun has some new variations coming out. These are very soft recoil. And the Nova pump can now be had in a youth model. The Franchi line continues to be very well thought out. These guns meet a lot of needs. And Stoeger will have their over under in a 2 gauge combo, 12 and 20. For around $600 dollars COMPLETE.

     Rebates and Rollbacks........  This is to announce to you that we are going to stop this column. This is nuts, everyday we get another rebate program on another product. To many rebates on so many things. All starting and expiring at different times. So we will just put the coupons on the product in the store. There is definite overuse on this marketing scheme. Who is on first?

     And in the ‘. 17”column...    .Now here is a subject we can talk about that is still fun! Remember FUN? These guns, in all their various manifestations continue to amaze with their accuracy and effectiveness. Think about how much fun you can have with an affordable rimfire cartridge that shoots to 200 yards without you having to do a lot of math. It’s enough fun that it could even put a smile on a trapshooters face. This year there is going to be a Ruger semi auto rifle to go with their revolver, bolts and lever. The BSA scope company even came out with a ‘Sweet Seventeen ‘ Scope in 3 to 12 power with a turret cam attuned just to this caliber. Again folks, get into this for the fun of it all. And who knows what else the other companies are a gonna spring on us.


     Black Powder Shootin......  As this is being banged out on the keyboard, we are starting the BP season and resuming Bow hunting. Great choices in powders as well as bullets.  Not to mention the Guns. In new guns for next year, look for a new NEF/H&R that is like the current Huntsman but with non-interchangeable barrels. What this means is that this new gun doesn’t go thru the registration process. (At least in Wisconsin and most States. 

DNR Calendar …….  Here is the schedule as complete as we can get it  

Ruff Grouse-  North    Zn  to Dec 31       
Ruff Grouse – Western      to Jan 31       
-                 to Dec 31             
         to Dec 31                           
Crow    Jan 26 to March 20 –04          
  North and South  to Feb 28 
Gray and Fox  to Jan 31   
- Res trap and Gun to Jan 31   
- non-res gun  to Jan 31          
Bear- app deadlind Jan 16- 04            
Coyote North and South  to Feb 15-04 
all- N & So        to Feb 15 O4     
Beaver- Trap all Zones to Apr 30       
- all but Winn   end Dec 31         
Mink- Winn end  March 15 04          
Mink- Mississippi    End  Jan 15 04   
Mushrat- No,So,
& Cent  Feb 29      
Mushrat- Winn
         end Mar 15         
Mushrat- Mississippi  end Feb 28       
hunt/trap       end Dec 31        
- Trap                 end Dec 31     
Central and South  end Mar 7   
  North                   end April 30


Opossum, Skunk, Weasel, Snowshoe-   No season, bag, size, or possession limits.             And if this doesn’t give you something to do, I don’t know what will. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coyote and Fox Folk......  All we are asking for here is a nice snow cover for the next couple of months. Looking forward to seeing how that new rifle really shoots under pressure. Or see what buckshot can really do. Have fun you all, we know we’re gonna.

 Hunting License News..  We  are waiting with baited breath to see what the license costs are going to be for 2004. After all the hoopla a year ago about the rate increases, many were pleasantly surprised this year when the license fees were the same. For 2004, apparently we will see some price increases, BUT, not what was proposed. Probably about a fourth of the fees will go up, and the increase will be about half what was touted. We will all know in about a month.

And perhaps an even more daunting foe, the DNR will be installing new license machines next year. They claim they will be better than the old and have all the bugs out. Pray.

Business Hours......

 Open 9 to 9 Mon to Friday

 9 to 5  on Saturday,

Closed Sundays and Holidays. 


One More CWD paragraph… What a difference a year makes, ehhh? Last season we all read panic headline after panic headline about CWD. Now we have all had a year to come to grips with this. It has come into perspective. Still no one sick or dead. Still too many deer in some places. But all in all the hunting season we’re at the tail end of, has been rather successful for many. Hope you all had fun as well.

And what is going on with CONCEALED CARRY? …..  At the time this newsletter is being written. This proposed law has passed in the house and the Senate. It was sent to the Governors desk. On about the last day he vetoed the matter. It then went back to the house and the Senate. These two bodies will now work to pass the bill out of their ‘bodies’ with enough votes to override the Veto.  We will see what happens. One thing to keep in mind if and when this Bill does pass. We will not be up and running the day after. The schooling system , lesson plans, etc., all have to be final formulated and put into place.  Those wishing to avail themselves of this right and privilege will have to have some patience. The counties have to set this up to process app’s. Some counties are complaining that the 117 dollars are not enough for the work they will have to do. Well folks, keep in mind that the state has been doing this check on individuals for  8 bucks. And the state does a rather good job.

Firearms Laws.........The thing all of us are always seeing, on TV or in the newspapers, are people proposing new gun laws. Each one guaranteed to be more effective than the last in stamping out all crime and misuse. And sometimes the most correct answer to a problem is the first, most obvious, most logical one that comes to mind.  That would be that all the laws a society could possibly need are already in existence. All you have to do is to apply and enforce.  There are laws on the books and in effect against any and all kind of misuse of anything.  Part of the problem is the poor legislature is under pressure to do something, anything. And yet the process is already there. It is up to the courts and the legal system to enforce and penalize. And it is up to us as a society to instill the correct morals in our city, our communities, our neighborhoods, and our families.  Why entrust this stuff to the government? Kind of a segue into the concealed carry thing: but if the common citizen legally carrying a legal firearm is necessary to make the uncommon criminal citizen think before committing a misdeed. All right with us.

 Optics...To include scopes- binocs- spotting scopes - and range finding units...  The hit of the year is red dot scopes was the Bushnell Trophy with 4 different reticules. At this point we have little clue as to what the new year will bring. Remember that Leopold and Bushnell came out with some Binocular/Rangefinder combined instruments. These even showed up close to when expected. We can probably look forward to more of these and perhaps even a little more compact.

Reloading............   The newsflash here for all you Reloaders is: Hodgdon Powder Company has just acquired the IMR Powder Company. Recall that IMR was an old Dupont division til being spun off. Hodgdon Powder has been a great friend to Reloaders for 50 years. And this will mean nothing but good things. The IMR line has been a very good one for decades. You can trust the fact that Hodgdon will take good care of this time honored product. Some new bonded bullets from Winchester. And we are sure that Hornady and Sierra as sell as Speer will have new offerings as well.

Gun Safes.......... We are going to talk up the various Browning lines of safes here. The most asked questions regarding these behemoths are: “ how do you move these things”. Well here is the secret. Two things, one, take the door off. Browning is one of the few companies that has exterior hinges. Which means you can lift the door off when fully open, and essentially halve the weight. The second ‘secret thing’ is to then move it carefully                                                Now as regards the new lineup; there are Christmas rebates on these safes. And the 2004 lineup is very good just as was 2003. And a couple of new and rather different items. One is you can now get your very own artwork on the safe door if you so desire. Your dog, your kids, your wedding picture, you name it. And some new cabinets that are not quite a safe yet more than the cases of old. A revolving cabinet with a very tough frame and strong see thru walls. ’

Knives........  We are carrying some really neat knives from Buck Creek, Ruko, Browning, Schrade, Uncle Henry, as well as many others. Take a look, shave your forearm, put one on your belt or under ye olde Christmas Tree. Have been seeing a few more straight knives after thinking for a while that the whole world was going to wind up as one big folding knife.

Crow Hunting..... The last true sport left in America. And the new season is approaching fast. Got your whites? The perfect call? Oil up that turkey tube! C’mon, don’t let the ice fisher folk have all the fun. And you coyote callers, hey, raise your sights. (And you Crow folk could lower yours.)

 Boots..... Shoes...Hip Boots .. They are warmer dryer lighter and have better traction than those boots we all used to haul around a hundred years ago. Just make sure you dry em after the day. Keep the surface treated. And if you putting them away after this season until next, clean and oil them now. ( I know, Nag Nag, Nag). We got great prices on all boots, hips and waders in stock. Pretty fair selection of sizes in all numbers. C’mon in and save your feet and your bucks.

 Hunters Safety...... Met another nice ‘graduating class’ this fall. And it’s a pretty sure bet that this latest batch of properly educated hunters and huntresses had more fun and greater rewards because of “Hunters Ed” Nice job all you instructors out there.

 Gun Clubs...  Join one or 10.  If you already belong to one take a lot of pride in the fact that your club is providing a solid foundation for the future. Look at your gun club as a really solid insurance policy.

We also have on hand for you to pick up, a comprehensive list of places to shoot. Names, addresses, what they have, when these clubs have it and how much costs are.

 Tech Tips..... Topic of the day: get your firearm fixed or tuned or enhanced now, as your putting it up from this happy season. Don’t wait till the week before next season.  And if you put it in the case or cabinet or safe without cleaning it last week, fix that now so you will have no surprises. Nag, Nag, Nag.

Parking your fabulous firearm for the off-season? Clean it inside and out. Don’t use #9 as a wipe, just as a cleaner. Cover your scope. Make sure it is decocked, unloaded, and secure,

Outdoor Wear Department ...  A whole lot of closeouts on hand as your reading this. Getting ready for the new wave of next years stuff. We are already receiving next year’s merchandise and will have sale tags on everything. Sold out on both blaze orange and 3d camo thongs again. Oh woe. Keep warm, look fashionable, or in the case of camo, look inscrutable.

Last Round.... This newsletter got out at the very last moment but still counts as the 4th of this year. Had a rather busy season once again. Hope you had a fun and successful one or many.

And Thanks again......  Once again we thank you greatly for your patronage and look forward to seeing and serving you next year. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken. Joe, Olde Richard, Al. Older Dick, Kathy, Dave, and Litl Mikey




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