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Hello and Happy newsletter number ONE of 2007.....   At this point of January it is proving to be one of the mellowest winters in quite a while. Quite a ways to go til true spring arrives. Those of you who actually read this newsletter may be asking; where in the heck were last years newsletters?

Well folks, in the last year or so there have been about 30 different Sporting Goods Stores opened in the general area. And we were so busy baking cakes for them plus selling stuff, we didn’t have time for ye olde newsletter. But we will see if we can catch up here.


NEW GUNS AND CHANGES AND OTHER  STUFF …..  What would a new year be without a new Caliber? This year so far the only one of note is a new 308 Marlin Caliber. This will use the Hornady soft tip pointed bullet and allow a tube magazine lever action gun shooting the always great 308 caliber. This is the same bullet type that last year made the 30-30 and other lever action calibers into such improved performers. It goes by the name of  The Hornady Leverevolution. It uses a pointed bullet for better aerodynamics with a soft plastic point. It is safe to load in a tubular magazine.       

     In other news; Smith and Wesson has just purchased Thompson Center. This is big news for the company that was so on the ropes just a few years ago. And hooking up with T/C means nothing but good things. They will both operate as before. And great new products coming this year from both.

       Winchester…… is not out of business. We are going to try here to explain where they are. Ready?

        U.S. Repeating Arms is the gun company that ‘leases’ the Winchester name from the parent Winchester company that is really Olin Corp. This Olin/Winchester is the ammunition company. That name lease ended a year ago but has been renewed. Meanwhile Winchester Gun (U.S.R.A.) ceased production of all its USA built guns but NOT the ones made in Belgium Portugal and Japan. But, starting in 2008 you will see Winchester guns being built in this country but in sunny Georgia, not Connecticut.

So, the gun company is alive and well and getting better, the ammunition company is alive and going great guns.

         Ammunition; This is a little late to be new news, but, Hornady did a pretty big thing with some calibers. 30-30 ,35rem, 444, 45-70 and 450 Marlin all got some new loads. These calibers are generally used in tubular magazine firearms. The Shells have been limited to round nose bullets for the sake of safety, (A pointed bullet end against the primer is not a cool scenario). What Hornady did was use a softer plastic tip on their loads. This allowed a better more aerodynamic bullet to be used safely. The result is a 30-30 that shoots flatter, further, and with more energy than ever before. And this holds true for the other above mentioned calibers as well. These loads are called the Hornady Leverevolution.


And in the ‘. 17”column...  Not counting the countless wildcat cartridges, this ‘arena’ gets a little more crowded. Decades ago there was the 17 Remington, a hot little centerfire cartridge. Now Remington has a 17 Rem Fireball. Again a centerfire. Perhaps this is a result of the 17 rimfires, the 17HMR and 17HM2. The rimfire 17’s are still making waves , particularly the 17HMR. ..

Turkey Season will soon be upon Us.. The only news from the DNR as we all wait for tags, is that the allotted tags are up about 5000. The leftover permit drawing that started last year will go on again this year. The first one held last spring was kind of a disaster at first. But ultimately wound up working smoothly. No problems at all in fall. And this years so far mellow winter should make life easier on the big birds. It won’t make them any less wary. I think though that if turkeys could smell, the harvest rate would plummet. Different companies continue to add to the available guns, ammunition and other miscellaneous odds and ends. Are these all ‘gotta haves’ ?. Maybe, maybe not, but if it makes one happy, why not?

Black Powder Shootin......  From the ancient days of Flintlocks, to the olden era of percussion sidelocks, to today and the vast choices of Inline Rifles. And yet keep in mind there were inline rifles a 100 years ago. Ease of cleaning is the big draw these days. When we were once amazed by a breech plug that came out. Now you can have a plug that comes out with a mere half turn. And more and more of these smelly olde smoke poles are being used during the regular gun season’s. If you want to find out what all the fun is about, just stop in and look and ask.  

DNR Calendar ……. This will be a short calendar for now. Remember that your licenses are good until March 31st. Dates are as follow:              

Late Jan

 Turkey Drawing                 

Early Feb

 Bear Drawing                     

Feb 28

  Cottontail Closes                  

March 20

 Crow Closes                    

April 11

 First Turkey session open

     Deer Hunting Last Year…….. Was totally different than the year before. These seasons get shifted here and there and its tough figuring out what to do when. So in review; A lot more deer were taken this year. 20 gauge was the hot shotgun for the year. 30-06 was still the rifle of choice. Hornady SST slugs were the hot number. And the easy winter so far means that the opportunities will still be there next season. Black Powder season was embraced even more again this year. And it was a safe year. What more can one ask for ?

Coyote and Fox Folk...... Maybe by the time your reading this there is, or will have been some snow cover. How can there be a coyote left standing with Center fire rifles, 17 HMR’s and Buckshot rounds waiting for them at every turn. 

Shotgun Slugs: Rifled and Sabot……….. It seems as though every year we talk of all the new slugs that come out. And 2007 is going to be no different. But if 5 new slugs/sabots come out this year, don’t you think that 5 would be dropped? Nope. On the other hand, maybe the frustrations of a 100 different load choices just adds to the fun.


Business Hours......

 Open 9 to 9 Mon to Friday

 9 to 5 on Saturday,

Closed Sundays and Holidays. 

And what is going on with CONCEALED CARRY? …..  At this point, at least in Wisconsin, not too darned much. Sure makes one wonder about this political business. Especially when you look around at the 40 plus  States all around that have this privilege for their citizens, and it has worked out VERY WELL for everybody involved except the bad folk.

Internet....  We have a website. Give us a visit, Have fun! Or e-mail us at The new e-mail address was necessary to try and avoid e mail spam. 

THE USED GUN LIST…… One thing that is always a problem is that this used gun list is put together and is up to date as of a week before mailing this newsletter. But it changes so fast. However, if something on this list gets sold, it seems like another one always takes it’s place. So I am going to quit worrying about it. Last year in 2006, rifles were very strong in sales and shotguns were a little lighter. The year before was opposite. This issues list has a lot of interesting rifles, an nice bunch of pump shotguns. A few used semi autos. Bunch of handguns and some really nice Over/Unders. And more used Side by Side’ss including a batch of old hammer Damascus guns.

Optics...To include Scopes- Binoculars-Spotting scopes - and Range finding units...  We might be wearing out the drum here by beating it so much BUT. Scopes are constantly evolving into brighter, clearer, more reliable units every single year. And the choices available are bound to more closely fit your specific needs. 30 years ago Leupold made about a dozen different models. Bushnell about 24 scopes. Now you have 4 times that number of choices. And companies like Nikon and Burris, Weaver, Simmons, and many more.


Reloading............   Today campers we’re going to focus on those of you who are metallic Reloaders. Rifle/Handgun Centerfire cartridges. More Specifically talking about case care and maintenence. In looking at the Forster Products list and realizing what an incredibly complete line of tools they make for case care. They started out with a Case trimmer to deal with the stretching of cases, particularly necked cases. (Forster used to be known as Forster-Apelt Mfg.)

Now their case care line has parts that allow you to trim to length any caliber brass casing you could imagine. They offer a simple and effective bullet puller system with various collets of every caliber. Inside and or outside neck reamers for the perfectionist. Power adaptors for any of these above devices. Deburr tools, primer pocket cleaners or trimmers or swagers. Case graphite device. Stuck case removers. A great lube. In other words, the Forster product lineup is a complete array of case care products. To meet every conceivable need.

One reason for the focus on reloading, is that we are seeing a lot more of you/us reloading due to the incredible increases in ammunition costs of the past year. Components for rifle, shotgun, or handgun, have risen in cost a LOT. Not to mention the satisfaction of rolling and using your own ammunition.

Gun Safes.......... The gun safe market has changed a bit in the last four years. It has become what is called a mature and stable market. What does that mean? It means a couple of things. One is that sales have slowed a bit since so many have been sold. And with that, a lot of companies that jumped into the making of these behemoths, have jumped back out. This means that the good companies are left making these . And what better time to mention that we are having a safe over stock sale. Yes campers, we wound up with too many 40 inch safes in stock. We have to sell these big units before we can order more. We have a black gloss Browning Medallion with a max capacity of 45 guns. And a Black Satin Sterling . Also an FN model in black and another Medallion with a buck/doe on the door. You can really save some money here. We also have 3 of those now discontinued safe toppers in stock  at closeout prices. They fit on top of a 30 inch safe and increase storage a lot. One is Forest Green and the other two are satin black. And 4  other 30 inch and 25 inch safes in stock at this time. And we can order one also if you like. Think about it. SAVE ON A GOOD GUN SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crow Hunting... The only real sport left in America. Have to take this spot to mention a newer product. The Hastings Metro Barrel Extension. Made to use in Metro areas for DNR control of noxious animals. Its designed to make 12 gauge shotgun noise less intrusive. This barrel extension screws into your choke tube threads and the choke tube goes in its end. It is very long and very ported. It is not a silencer but does cut 25 to 30 decibels . It also has a  lot of value to the duck goose or crow blind hunter since the quiet shots wont flare your birds. Stop in and heft one of these. Rather entertaining!

  An Anniversary….. of sorts anyway. The Marlin 39A Lever Action 22  which is still being made though a little hard to find on store shelves, is now the Oldest Shoulder Firearm Design still being made anywhere in the world.  Still a machined steel gun that shoots 22 shorts, longs, and long rifle shells.. Still Walnut, still fun, and still accurate as the dickens.

Fishing Department.....  Ye Olde fishin department has lots of tackle you can use. And our special sale going on til April 15th? Come in and buy any two fishing lures, get any third one of equal or lesser price for 1 single penny. Many other bargains to be found – Sale tags on many rods, reels, combos, and tackle boxes. Stop in and save and then get the heck out there and have some fun while achieving a little inner peace..

Boots..... Shoes...Hip Boots ..  We have season end sale prices on all remaining boots for men and women in stock. Give your tootsies a treat and your wallet a break. Got to make room for next years footwear.

Hunters Safety...... The fine folks who volunteer huge amounts of time to properly acquaint the future hunter of Wisconsin and America are to be commended. A Hunters Safety Course is still one of the very best deals to be had. Plus the online course availability makes accessibility so very easy. .

Gun Clubs...  Are the the present and the future for all of us. And one thing most of us have noticed is how so many clubs may be the same but are always changing. Virtually every club is constantly expanding its’ recreational offerings. Its such a relaxing place to spend part or all of a weekend or a weeknight. Large club or small, once you turn in the driveway the tension of the mad world we live in just slips away.  Join one if you haven’t yet and if you already have ,volunteer a couple of hours for the cause.

Tech Tips..... Just a couple of quick reminders to save to trouble time and maybe money: Have you removed and cleaned and lubed and replaced your choke tube lately so it does not freeze in the barrel? Have you cleaned the chamber on your semi auto Deer rifle lately so it doesn’t rust shut on the next shell? Are you starting the sight in process for your scoped firearm at 25 yards or are you still wanting to frustrate yourself by starting out at a 100 yards?  And finally have you renewed your gun club membership for 2007.

Outdoor Wear Department ...  T Shirts from Remington, Ruger, Browning, Kimber and More. Camo Coats, Jackets, Pants, shirts and caps in a batch of patterns and sizes. Lots of vests and coats with Orange covering 40% to  100%. Trap and Clay Vests in all shapes. And lots of other odds and ends including some of the most fashionable caps and hats to be found. Oh yes, PS, sale prices on everything. 

Last Round.... It has taken us an eternity to get a ’newsletter’ out. Next one will be a lot sooner. Stuff kept coming up to delay. We hope you all are having fun and finding success afield and afloat. Thanks for your patronage and lets all have great year.

And Thanks Once again......   Ken. Steve, Olde Richard, Older Dick, Al, Pat and Kathy


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