Issue #2 OF 2007

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This is our second newsletter of 2007, it‘s a shorty. We are going to hit on items and also the used gun list. Not to mention our special money saving offer. So here we go as we swing into summer.

The bIg ’industry news’, Remington was acquired a month ago by a company called Cerberus, and this week this same company bought Chrysler. Are we going to get Chrysler model Remington now? Or a Remington model Chrysler?

Send a note of thanks to Hornady Manufacturing. Used to be, they just made bullets. Now they make a lot a bullets and ammunition too. And they have been making some special ammunition in calibers that are a little off the beaten path. And some incredible shotgun sabots.

Gunsmithing Department.... Stop in in June for a jump-start on your fall tune-ups or mods. Takes the pressure off you and the fellows working in the back. We handle virtually everything, except rebluing, here in-house.

Ye Olde DNR....... License costs are the same. That’s the good news. The uncertainty is figuring out what’s happening in the deer zones. A new DNR license machine is due next year (2008). Things will go really quickly if you bring an old license in. Below find dead lines and Season Openings. Permit Deadlines: August 1 is Deadline for all the following-Goose- Fall Turkey- Grouse- Bobcat- Otter- and Fisher. December 10 for Spring Turkey and Bear. Openings: Sept.1 Dove and Early Goose- Sept.5 Zone C Bear- Sept.15 Turkey- Crow- Bow Deer- Zone A Grouse- Northern Rabbit- Squirrel- Sept.22 Woodcock- Oct.6& 7 Youth Deer- Oct.20 Pheasant-Partridge- Coon and Jackrabbit- Nov.17 Gun Deer- Nov.26 Muzzleloader Deer Remember that Coyote are legal just about year round!!

Our Special Sale (Coupon Below).... We have a huge bunch of nice used firearms on hand RIGHT NOW. Also an even bigger batch of New Guns. And if we could talk you into buying all of them in June, that would be very good, and then we will go get some more. Since gasoline is such a huge buzzword- we are going to give you Ten bucks in gas for any new or used rifle shotgun of pistol you buy in the month of June. How bout them apples?


$ 10.00 IN GAS

Come in and Purchase any Firearm between right now and July 3rd of 2007, we will include a $10.00 certificate good for gas. Any gun, new used in stock or ordered.

Remember we also have tons of Ammunition, Reloading Components, Boots and Shoes, Scopes and Binocs, Fishing Tackle, Knives, Shooting and Hunting Wear, Camping Stuff and more and more.

We hope everybody has and is having a great summer. Stop in when in the vicinity. Thank you for your patronage! Ken, Steve, Dick, Richard, Al, Kathy & Pat.


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