Issue #1 OF 2008

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Here we are finally with a newsletter for 2008. Another short model since this is the busy time of the year. We will include the used gun list as usual. And we will list some other upcoming specials that may well be of interest to you. We are changing over our inventory system as of January 2nd of 2009.

The big event this year obviously is the election coming up. Time will tell what will happen and what that will mean for the future of all of us not to mention the future of the hunting folks. All we can do is get out there and vote.

Gunsmithing Department.... Stop in for all your fall and winter repairs and mods and tuneupsur fall tune-ups or mods. Takes the pressure off you and the fellows working in the back. We handle virtually everything here in-house.

Ye Olde DNR....... License costs are the same. That’s the good news. The hotsy totsy new DNR computer has finally got most all the bugs worked out. Spring licensing time was certainly an adventure.

Remember we also have tons of Ammunition, Reloading Components, Boots and Shoes, Gun Safes, Scopes and Binoculars, Fishing Tackle, Knives, Shooting and Hunting Wear, Camping Stuff and more and more.

Special Sale Starting in December: As we said before, we are changing over our inventory system in January. So we need to sell some merchandise. Lots of great prices on Fishing lures and tackle, Sportswear, bullets and much more. We well have a sheet with all the specials when you walk in the door.

We hope everybody has and is having a great year. Stop in when in the vicinity. Thank YOU for your patronage! Ken, Dick, Richard, Dan, Terry, Young Will, Old Will Al, Kathy & Pat.


Over/Under Specials

Below please find a batch of over unders that are all priced to sell. These are new and used guns.

New Browning XT trap 32” Adj. Comb-
New Browning 525 Sporting 32” Adj.Comb-
New Win. Select Plat Sptg 32” -
Used Brown. Citori Trap 32”--
New Cynergy Synthetic Sporting 32”-
New BT99 34” adj Comb-
Used BT99 34 “ Adj comb-
New Win. Select 30 inch Sptg-
Used Benelli Sport 30” ribs-
Used Rem 870 TB trap-
New Brown 525 12 and 20 gauge field combo-
New Brown. Cynergy 30” Camo 3 ½”-
Used Traditons Sporting 28 “ ported-
New Cynergy Brown 20 ga lite field.-
Used Citori Superlite 24”-
New Brown. Citory 3 ½” Mag -
New Brown. Citori 625 12-26” Lite -
Used Ruger 20 ga Red Label ,early blue rec. -
H&K Camo 3 ½ Turkey Model-
Used Franchi Alcione 12/28 - and


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