Issue #2 OF 1999

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Yes folks, our second newsletter has rolled off the presses. and we are changing our format a little bit to try and  get more into it. We are also learning a new  computer program since last time, so bear with us . And many thanks for your hundreds of positive responses to our first newsletter.


OK-here goes with the sound byte type infamous NEW GUN NEWS-to wit:- the new Ruger 454 is due in June-Taurus has cut prices big time in their Casulls- we are now very happy being master dealers for Kimber 45’s

In stock and coming and wow are they well built- Remington wood guns are looking real nice this year- its so great seeing a wood stock that has some sex appeal (and you thought this was a family newsletter)- Our famous 22

Browning Buckmark Pistol sale is still on and we have about 40 gone and 16 to go.

Have a nice bunch of sporting clay over/unders in . Ruger Woodsides are around more.

Benelli Nova pumps won the ugly gun of the year contest-but come see-its so ugly its pretty- Rifles of all shapes and sizes- Those of you who have blessed us with your presence- have noticed that the shelves and racks are

full. Lots and lots of trades too. And as of last week we are happily handling the Franchi line of shotguns. And we think these are pretty neat too>!!!!!!!!!!



   We have reopened ye olde clothes room and put in new racks- we think its pretty cool and hope you  will too- and we even got a bunch of new stuff and hung it up-what a concept- our moms would be so proud- more coming every day- got a great line of chamois shirts coming in 2 weights-12 colors and a billion sizes- if we don’t have the perfect combo for you, we WILL order. Lots of neat stuff-


FISHIN NEWS...........

   This is proving one of the hardest things to get rolling this year. Getting the right stuff . “Rehabbing” this is going to take this whole year, but c’mon and look, we still have a lot of neat stuff- got some nice lures and odds from last year, Who knows, you might find a dumb fish that doesn’t know its being had by an out of date bait.



by: early  riser bill (pt)

Right now at Bills on the Hill, we are receiving new shipments of bows daily. Reflex, Browning and Hoyt and a few select others. Remember, its’ never too early to bring in your bow for a tune. while the selection is good. And for the archer whose aim ain’t what it used to be, we have a half off sale on all arrows with vanes. You can afford to lose these. Great deals on lots of setups,right and left hand, all set up to rock and roll.



 In our 1st letter we talked about the laws , state and fed and how they work and how things are working in the real world. Recent events have made us all very sad at the inhumanity of man.Our society seems to be spawning a mindset where blame must always be place elsewhere  And no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions or inactions..

We have been asked many times in the last few weeks about different aspects of this. We have no idea what was at the root of the minds of the perpetrators. But we do know that the individuals doing this heinous thing, They were the guilty parties, not a hobby, Not a thing. These were people doing harm to other people.

You can not do justice to these situations with one line TV quotes. I hope these thoughts do not offend anyone.



    As this second edition is being put together, we are  still waiting for our safes. Our first order was for 20 safes. All custom made to specs. We will have 3 of those in stock and for sale. Due to your requests, we will be doing this again. Probably placing the order near Junes end. The Good news is that once again you will save 100 to $200 in freight charges. But the bad news is that delivery is going to run 8-9 weeks instead of 5 to 6. But when you factor in the safes quality, your savings, and how tailor made it is, you still can’t go wrong!



    We want to thank the three hundred and 12 of you folks who traveled hundreds of miles for the village board meeting. Only through your staunch support were we able to hold back the onslaught of parking meters in Lomira. The folks from Parnell were great, bringing in their experience in this matter.

    Thanks Again



following please find a tongue  in cheek introduction to our Bills On the Hill Team.

Ken   ‘Mortgagee Bill ‘Candee

Paul  ‘ Early Riser Bill’Tolvstad

Dick        ‘Reverend Bill’ Huck

Tom   ‘Magnum Bill’ Hundertmark

Will  ‘Computer Guru Bill’ Peters

Jami  ‘Boot Queen Bill” Minter

Scott   ‘Colorado Bill’ Martin                 

Vi   ‘ Retired Bill ‘Candee

Josh    ‘Beanpole Bill ‘Gysbers

Ryan   ‘Army Bill ‘ Will



Since the first of the year, we have experienced really terrific growth, darn place is even crowded sometimes, And with this growth have come some growing pains, keeping stuff in stock, getting orders and repairs processed. But we are working hard at building an efficient team. And we still want to have fun doing this, and we want you to have a good time as well. Cause we want you back time after time. So don’t think we hang around sipping tea and eating bon-bons. We will be better prepared every time you come in. And we thank you for your patience.



We are starting to look like we have a nice bunch of stuff to put on your feet. Got a great bunch of LaCrosse shoes and boots as well as waders and hips. Mens and womens sizes. Also have a couple of really nice Browning Boots for men and women in a full range of sizes. Northlake line is still coming in, really warm!!! And there are also some great sizes left in closeout boots.



We made a mistake in our e-mail address. On our new business cards it is

which is good, but on our last newsletter, it was listed as

and this second, was where our typing disability caused us to lose a letter. So as of now, the right, official and correct e mail address is:

thank you



..OUR WEB SITE.......

Yeah, we can’t even type and we are working on a web site. But heres the deal, we want something for you cyber surfers out there, as well as something that will be of value to the rest of us. So its under development now.     watch this space.......



Following please find a list of used shotgun/rifles and handguns. Since there is the lead time between when this letter is put together, and the time spent printing and mailing this is obviously subject to change. But here goes........


3139 BROWN BELG 3”12540-

1818 BROWN JP SY12   399-

2652 BROWN 20GA A5    449

1832 WIN M50 12PB    199-

2487 REM  878 SEMI      125-

---7 different used 20 gauges

---14 semi auto shotguns

---30 used pumps

---2 bolt shotguns used

---1 22/20 ga. savage 24

---7 used 22s

---54 new 22’s at used $$$$

---used centerfire rifles, we have  5 different levers, 3 sks, and 17 other bolts pumps and semi’s,all pretty nice.

--over and unders  -lots and lots of these, too many to really list- but as of this writing their are 8 single barrel traps used and 6 over and unders- and not to mention that we just happen to have a few new ones, like about 30. Also about 8 used field over and unders. not to mention about 15 Clay guns. And handguns. used handguns right now,  number about 20, are really an interesting group. Our new selection is pretty nice too.

Obviously these are all for sale, but c’mon in. See whats up. It seems like every monday morn we sort through about 12 to 16 trade ins and put em out.

We do not want to be running a museum here.



Our optical department is the one that contains: scopes of all sizes and colors, mounts and rings, shooting glasses, spotting scopes, and rangefinders. We have a large inventory right now in all these areas, and some of the following new and unusual things> Great deals on spotting scopes with tripods at prices from 68 bucks to $115 and beyond. New Laser range-finders, good to 800yds. A number of handgun red dot type sighting devices. And I’m sure I’ve missed some things.



FINALLY, we have a bunch of traditional as well as inline rifles in stock. Powder situation is mighty fine as well, (and medium and coarse). Lots of lead balls and bullets bending the shelves. C’mon in and let these bullets bend your wallet instead of our racks.



like we said, we have been busy pushing peanuts down the sidewalk with our noses most all of this spring,,but when we weren’t doing that,we have been ripping up, putting back, cleaning, a lot of painting, and lots of unpacking and then packing back out for you.  Its an ongoing task and you all have made it more difficult because so many of you keep on coming in and buying this stuff. (but please, PLEASE, DON’T STOP!!!!!!) Give us 4 more months and well have the joint chrome plated,

One last thought, we have a lot of really neat stuff, and we like it, and we get it in here cause we think you are going to like it enough to take it home. Let us know if we are missing something,  and you should realize that we DO listen to you because without you, we can not exist.

We are very happy in our store, and if you don’t have a good time here, then we have to work a little bit harder.



Well, we do, and we   miss em, but we understand the drive for safes.  However for those of you and us out here in the hinterlands, Bills is going to be introducing, in July, a gun cabinet that looks like a real wood glass door gun cabinet, and IS a real wood glass door gun cabinet, BUT, has many of the attributes of a safe. Cmon in and look at this thing in July.



...Well, not really airguns, these are some of the finest cocking spring loaded instruments of precision and accuracy. We are gradually expanding the number of models on hand. Beeman, RWS and on. We also still have the reliable Sheridan, as well as the old standby Daisys and Crosmans.



A large number of you have been made legal to hunt and/or fish electronically. We still swear we can write those puppys out faster, but its a lot cleaner and more legible this way. Though the new bumper sticker type thing is hard to get used to. We can do Patrons this year, and you know, look hard at these, they are really a good deal. And this system will get even faster for second time users.


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