Issue #4 OF 1999

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Boot Department

as the year comes to an end we have to say we are real happy with this department. You fine footed folks flocked to our Georgia, LaCrosse and Browning Boots. We will keep on building this section.

Our Fourth Newsletter..........

and our last one for this year.  We wanted to get one more out this fall but we were just too darn busy. This has proven to be fun for us and you who have commented claim its fun for you.  This one is intended to recap the year and set the stage for next year.  Plus, as you can probably guess, we think that sporting goods are absolutely the finest thing to buy and give for Christmas.(from Bills)
And this is also our opportunity to thank you sincerely for making this an absolute record year for stuff sold by us this year.

Another Fish Story

a welcome change from the 411 deer stories we have heard so far. Actually to mention that our fishing department/section is continuing to evolve into.. well, a fishing department.  And if you aint goin fishin once in a while, your missing a crucial one of lifes joys.

Gun Laws-State & Fed as of this writing, there are no major changes looming on the horizon. But don’t think that “they”aren’t out there trying to change things more. What ever is your chosen allegiance insofar as organizations guarding your rights, continue your support! The big thing lately is the company that, because of internal pilferage problems, has chosen to grossly inconvenience through cost changes those of us who ship handguns for totally legitimate purposes. Another example of a failing to take responsibility for ones own soiled house. 

New Gun News...

this isn’t going to be a lengthy paragraph just because there is so much news out and so much that is coming out very soon. Ruger 454s showed up finally. looking good! And a word to you Browning fans out there.  You and we could not get anywhere near the Brownings we needed this year.  This was simply because Browning had such a great year. They worked hard getting more product than ever before by far to the dealers. But the demand was for even more. Auto shotguns were still 5000 units behind at the end of November. Rifles the same. So if you want a Browning, know that you have good taste but you may need a bit of patience. Rem ultras should start getting a little looser. You old Ithaca fans, the born again model 37s’ are just as slick as always. And Winchester 70 models are beginning to show up again. Any of you needing a new 22 or 22  mag, we spent a couple of days after deer hunting putting together a bunch of scoped guns that are also neat. Remember, this stuff  is here to have fun with, so just do it. Kimbers are still works of art. new Glocks on the market. Ruger over and unders continue their progress. And so so many more. Sittin on our shelves waiting for you to adopt em.

Colt is still in the gun business, many people heard the misinformation from the media that said Colt was out of it. Nope still in it . They dropped some models that were not big sellers. We will get the full remaining lineup soon.

Electric Licensethe system in all of its cutting edge glory let you and us down a couple of times this year.  The worst was at hunters choice time. Fear was in our hearts insofar as day before gun deer time was concerned. The DNR even made provisions for issuing handwritten licenses. But all worked fine at crunch time.  Next year is expected to be much smoother because essentially we as a state have made the conversion over to this system. Stay tuned.

Gun Safes..

we went through a ton of these monsters this year, literally as well as figuratively. Our last load for this year is scheduled for the middle of December.  Try squeezing one of those things under your tree. We will be placing another order for these with the free freight still in effect, probably in mid January.            We have added the WInchester Safe line to the Browning. A little different .  Stop and take a look.  As far as our gun cabinet with safe type features, we had to put that on indefinite hold for now.

Bowhunting...........                        was pretty decent all around this year so far.  Maybe the late guys and gals will have some snow like gun hunters used to have years past. New things on the horizon have yet to be announced but we will be in the know come January. We do have a dozen new bows in stock right now, and since we bought pretty carefully this year, they are the good models and you can really save as a Christmas present.


Pump Shotguns                         1090  Win  12 ga m 1200  pl bbl            1762  Stevens 12 ga m 67f  vent            3131  Moss  12 m500  vent tubes         1856  Moss  12ga  m500  pl bbl            3959  Win  20 ga m 1300 walnut  tb      3905  Win 12 ga m 1300  vent               3319  Moss 12 ga  m500 vent  tubes     4036  Moss 12 ga m500 camo tubes     4038  Rem  12 ga m870 spec purp         4034  Win 12 ga 1300 vent tube            2614  Sav 12 ga m30 vent steel             3606  Higgins 12 ga mod 20 pl bbl         2575  Win 12 ga m 1300 camo turke     4069  Spring 20 ga m 67F pl bbl            3207  Rem  12 ga mod 10 solid rib         3690  Win 12 ga m 1300t camo              3893  Moss 12 ga m 500  vent tube      3166 Higgins 20 ga pump                      2704  Win 12 ga m 12 rib                       1859  Win  12 ga m 12 pl bb              2561  Win 12 ga m 12 Duck gun          3718  WIn 20 ga m 1200                     4067  Brown  BPS 12  3 1/2               and about 15 more not listed

Semi Auto Shotguns                 3864  Rem  1100  12 ga vent            3345  Rem  11-87 12 ga synth        3268  Moss  9200  12 ga  3” vent tb 3684  Benelli Montefeltro 12 ga        3878  Beretta 12 ga al390 synth      1832  WIn 12 ga  m50 pl bbl        3781  Brown Gold 3 1/2  Field      3868  Brown A500 12 ga           3968  Brown A5 12 ga  mag belg    3640  Brown A5 12 ga plbbl belg  3761  Brown A5 16 ga solid 2&9/16 4054  Brown A5 12 ga Mag  J perf. 3871  Brown A5 12 ga solid rib belg cons  Brown Dble aut 12 ga silver


Target & o/u field

3548 Brown 0/u Gold 12 ga Trap          3826 Brown 12 ga bt100  single         3111 SKB 12 ga m605 single trap       3066 Brown 12 ga Bt100 ss          3560 Rem 12 ga 870 TB            3551 Rem 12 ga 1100 TB          3272 Beretta 682x o/u Trap            3827 Rem  11-87 npsc  12 ga        3975 Ruger 12 ga Red Label o/u 3402 Brown 28ga Citori  o/u       2824 Ithaca 12 ga skb 500 field 28” 2772 Ithaca 12 ga skb 500 field 26”  3908 Brown 12 ga Citori Skeet 28” 3823 Rem 410 m1100 matched ske 3824 Rem  28  m1100 matched ske 3825 Rem  20  m1100 skeet        3592 Rem  12  m11-87 skeet        3499 Rem 870  NWTFNP pump  4053 Brown 20 ga BSS  28” s/s  

Centerfire Rifles

BPG  T/C 50 cal New englander 4040  Marlin 30-30 m336  lever     3688 Ruger  mini 14 ss  4015 Rem 22-250 m700 adl synth   3523 Rem 44m  m 788 perfect      3906 Ruger 270 w. #1                 3556  NEF  45-70 Handi Rifle scope 3927 Rem  35 whelen M700 classic 3811 Win 22-250 m70                   2552 Weatherby 300 MK5 German 3995 Savage 7mag   m 110               2968 Ruger 300mag m77 scope        4016 Win 30-30 m94 range           3840 Marlin 30-30 Glenfield m30 3681 Win 30-30 m 94  1956 mfg  3357 Win 32spc m94   1953 mfg 4073 Win 30-30 m94   1921 mfg

please remember that this is just a partial listing of used firearms in every category. Also that this ‘mix’ changes almost daily. We constantly get some really fascinating guns in.


3641 Marlin 22 m56 lever           3939 Rem 22 m12  pump              3895 Marlin 22 m60   semi                 3544 Marlin 22 m60   semi                   2331 Rem  22 m572  pump            3511 WIn 22  m190  semi auto       3692 Rem 22 m66 nylon semi   aut  3401 Ruger 22 m10/22  carbine     3355 Mossberg 22 m144t bolt tgt  4032  Daisy 22 m2202                  2922  Rem 22 m121 fieldmast pump 3838  Win 22 m9422  lever            


3812 Taur 22 m94 revolve             3586 Davis 32 Derringer                   3940  Fabrique 25 baby 25 semi     3535 Colt 22  Woodsman 3rd gen  4014  Colt 45 m1911a1 blue semi 3307  Brown 9mm Hi-power semi 3877  Ruger 357 sec.six  6”  blue     3609  Colt 38 pl posi- blue revolv 3359  Radom 9mm LS35 blue     3822 S&W 38  m37 airweight       3051  Mossberg 22 Brownie 4bbl

Miscellaneous Firearms....     Norinco 762x39 SKS semi auto         Mauser 7x57 Bolt Semi Sporter      Beamont 11mm bolt  ?????              Italian 6.5 Bolt Carcand                    Argentine Maus 998 7.65 Bolt        Mannl. Carc 6.5 Bolt 98                   Chileno 7x57 Bolt Carbine Maus 95 Norinco 762x39 SKS semi auto   Mauser 98 Bolt 30-06 sporter         Ithaca 900 12 ga semi auto silver  Ithaca m51 12 ga perfect                 H&K m91 308 unfired                     besides all of these, we still keep about 700 new firearms on hand in every category.

December/January Calender  please note that we will close on Friday the 24th at 4 pm till monday Morn at 9.  We will be closed for inventory on Tuesday December 28th all day and till one in the afternoon on Wednesday Dec 29.

Metallic Reloading Clinics will be held on the following dates and times. These are intended for the persons not currently reloading who wish to learn more about it. Just Rifle and Pistol Loading. We will be running special prices on tools and components for all.

Rifle Pistol Reloading ‘Clinic’   

Jan. 11       Tues       6:00 pm      
Jan. 15       Sat.         2:00 pm       
Jan. 26       Wed       10:00 am       
Jan.29        Sat           2:00pm

About Our Newsletter  .. this goes out to our (very valued) customers.  And you folks hail from all over the Midwest, not to mention Wisconsin. We send these letters out to well over 200 zip codes. And if we tried to buy advertising in each of those areas, money would be flying out the door. So we do it this way and it seems to be working.
We have worked to make it worth your while to visit us during the year, and our efforts continue this holiday and January(as well as beyond) Our hours are the same year round. And we must all suffer from the vagaries of the weather. But to close, thanks for this year and look forward to next.

APPAREL boils down to jackets coats shirts vests bibs socks gloves and on and on. A host of colors and a plethora of sizes.
We reopened this ‘room’ this year and got some great merchandise to put in here at discounted prices. And now you can save even more as we mark down that  which is still here.
Cmon in and look and try and buy if your so inclined. You will save, you will look good, and will be warm or dry or both.

Black Powder et al............has proven to be season coming into its own, the numbers of folks out a huntin arent what they are for deer gun, but an awful lit of you are out and about.  Still nothing to track with as of this writing.  As more load choices become available, it seems these old irons are shooting with great efficiency.  All in all this has proven to be a good season, in another week hindsight will let us know if its been a great one.

Gunsmithing got to be pretty hectic around here as we came to the beginning of each season.  Lot of last minute stuff needing to be done. Why not take a moment to look over your gun cabinet now, just after the seasons wind down, and if there is anything you need done to your trusty iron, or some addition to same, bring it in now when you and we are not under the gun insofar as time is concerned.

Optics  like gun news, there is not a lot of information so far on the perfect glass for the millennium. But we can say that we are getting set up for the winter season with a bunch of higher powered scopes, and spotting scopes for you varmint folk. Again it amazes, the quality of optics available in a higher powered scope. A level of quality just not readily available years ago.

Y2K..............we’ve wanted to state in previous newsletters that various product lines we carry were certified Y2K compatible. Products like our Camouflage Bibs, All fishing poles and maybe in all the Gore Tex boots.  There has been quite a furor for the last year or more.  It seems to have quieted a bit lately. We really didn’t ‘feel’ it here at Bills. You folks seemed to remain pretty rational and all that. We close every New Years Eve and reopen the next business day. So folks, we’ll be seeing you on January 3rd.

Merry Holidays from all of us to all of you. Keep on having fun with it!!



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